Formación continuo

Continuous Professional Development



El tiempo es adaptable, dependiendo del taller y el contexto. Matt puede hacer talleres que van desde 2 minutos a 2 horas … o más.

Por mucho tiempo que sea, parecerá más corto. Promesa.


Mas apto para CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference):  B1-C2


Tamaño de la audiencia para los talleres.

  • Hasta 500 para conferencias Keynotes / Technology, o temáticos improvisados con sus colegas.
  • Menos de 100 es a menudo ideal para talleres de Tecnología de Espacio Abierto, y
  • para el teatro y los talleres “hands on” cuando más intimo, mejor.


Teacher Training With Matt Ledding

Expect the unexpected!


  • Teachers will be given practical tools they can apply the next day in class.
  • Teachers will find ways to work more efficiently and effectively.
  • Teachers will be given access to a community of teachers who share their concerns.
  • Teachers will to be able to collaborate more effectively, and share their work with each other.
  • Teachers will have a really good time… in English!

How can we help?  Whether you want to

  • increase the level of creativity and FUN in your school,
  • challenge your staff to go past the impossible,
  • improve collaborative learning in your students,
  • find ways to use technology intelligently, and REDUCE your work.  
  • work towards your Advanced Exam,
  • do an extended course in CLIL,
  • or whatever it is you need…

let us help you, or help you find someone who can!


    Time. Space. People.  Willingness to learn. Coffee. (Donuts on us.)  MAYBE computers.   

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Perhaps the only person in the world who is both a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and a graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal, Canada.

Matt Ledding

  • speaks at international English Teaching conferences,
  • is a top rated teacher trainer for Spanish publishing companies.
  • designs non standard English exams for businesses, and
  • collaborates with YPD Group for teaching enterpreneurial skills to young, and young at heart, adults.
  • is an award winning performer who has performed around the world in 8 languages.