Can you trust your senses? Or do you have to THINK?
In response to that question, Perception was created.

This resulted in a one of a kind magic show in English, and about English.

It mixes magic, circus and escapism with phonetics, vocabulary, and grammar structures. And  most of all, fun with funny.

English that high school students won’t forget.

40-60 minutes, including questions.
CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): From A2-C2.  (Because Magic in English is visual!)
Normally between 100- 500 students, but under ideal conditions up to 1000 students is possible.

Students will:

  • perceive, practice, and produce problem sounds at a phonetic level.
  • see professional live performing arts in another language.
  • be able to ask questions after the show.
  • most importantly… have a crazy good time… in English!


You get access to an (optional) teacher pack. Get the most out of the show!

Choose from material designed for use

  • before the show,
  • after the show,
  • or both,

and designed to help towards exams such as First Certificate or Advanced.



Above all, we’ll need a theatre or gymnasium with enough seating for your students.
Secondly, Matt will need access to it access 1 – 2 hours before the show.  And access to electricity.

    Furthermore, there is no furthermore.
    No, you don’t need to  provide sound system or anything.   While you take care of your cup of coffee, Matt will take care of the set up.
    Because hiring a professional shouldn’t give you more work.

Hi, feel free to contact us in the form below, and we will send more information, including a customised price quote that will take into account the number of students, shows, and travel.

Here is a quick video showing a little more about the show.

For further information, please contact us in the form below.


Matt Ledding Actividades en ingles ESO y Bachillerato

Maybe the only person in the world who is both a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and a graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal, Canada.

Matt Ledding

  • speaks at international English Teaching conferences,
  • is a teacher trainer for several textbook publishers
  • designs  English assessment for (ibex listed) business hirings,
  • and collaborates with YPD Group for teaching enterpreneurial skills to young (and young at heart) adults.
  • aside from seeming flirts with big business, he maintains his long term relationship with show business: he is an award winning performer who has performed around the world in 8 languages.
  • above all, he is passionate about education, art, making a difference, and yes, having fun!