Our shows in English for Infantíl!

More Than Magic

is designed so that your preschool students

share an experience in English with magician Matt Ledding.

Everyday reality is about to change…

From 30-40 minutes. They will be engaged from start to finished.
CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference): From B1-C2
This is designed for SMALL groups to make sure the kids really enjoy it! Normally one class at a time.

While Matt can do shows for 90 or 100 three year olds…

   1. it takes away from the intimacy of the interaction, and

   2. With larger groups, occasionally small children rush the stage.  One Teacher has come up with the theory that the children are trying to hide in his suitcase in the hope that he will take them home and adopt them.    (Neither of his two children is a result of this process.) 



  • Students will practice the skills of listening and speaking with a native English speaker.
  • Students will perceive, practice, and produce problem sounds at a phonetic level.
  • Students will be exposed to professional live performing arts in another language.
  • Students will have an opportunity to ask questions in a discussion after the show.
  • Students will have a really good time… in English!

We provide access to an optional teacher pack created to help you maximise the opportunities of the show.


Incredibly simple.

You need to have Kids. Chairs are a good idea, but optional.  

Set up time… under 5 minutes.  

Extra time may be judiciously used to improve the outcome.  (distracting windows covered, etc.)

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Contact us with any further concerns you may have.


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Perhaps the only person in the world who is both a Cambridge Speaking Examiner and a graduate of the National Circus School of Montreal, Canada.

Matt Ledding

  • speaks at international English Teaching conferences,
  • is a teacher trainer for Edelvives and Macmillan,
  • designs non standard English exams for businesses, and
  • collaborates with YPD Group for teaching enterpreneurial skills to young, and young at heart, adults.
  • is an award winning performer who has performed around the world in 8 languages.