TEACHER TRAINING Suggested CEFR Levels: B1-C2 40-60 mins Looking for what has been described as a love letter to learning? High impact workshops and training in English.
PRIMARY Suggested CEFR Levels: A1-B2 40-50 mins Keep the magic in your classroom! Adapted to levels of English, cognitive development, and belief in the Magic Kings…
ESO Y BACH Suggested CEFR Levels: A2-C2 40-60 mins What happens when you put a magician in front of 500 teenagers? A party!
INFANTIL Suggested CEFR Levels: A1+ 30-40 mins Magic is real for them. They keep magic real for us.
Canadian teacher and performer does real magic in English!

So, your students want to see magic in English!

Are your students ready to learn English magically, at the hands of Canadian magician Matt Ledding?

Part Magician.  Part English teacher.

Totally entertaining.

The Name.

“Fifth Business” is a theatrical term in English.  

It describes a character who is not a big hero. Or a terrible villain.  Or really important.

As a a result “Fifth Business” is unimportant in itself, but makes important things happen.  Example:  the Ghost (Hamlet’s Father) in “Hamlet”, who with only a tiny part in the play pushes the whole story forward.

We aren’t important.  We are useful.  

The Mission.


Our mission is to be FIFTH BUSINESS.  

Because importance comes from the ability to help the real protagonists of our work: schools, teachers, and above all, students.   


The Vision.


Our vision is to help teachers  to

  • motivate students to think critically,
  • challenge students to take control of their learning
  • develop students’  passions and abilities.

And have fun at the same time.

The Values.


We believe in: 

inclusiveness (both an absolute beginner and native speaker can enjoy our shows in English.)

– the power of positive attitudes and choices

– a respect and reverence for human life and potential, and  

teamwork and hard work as the only solid basis for success.  


How we add value to your work.

What do our shows do for you?


They free you from

  • the routine of doing the same thing every year: variety makes both magic and theatre stronger.
  • having to pay for a bus, or wasting student time for transport.  (Transport can be more expensive than the actual show.)
  • wasting your time.  Over twenty years of award winning performance experience around the world guarantee it.  

They give you access to Matt Ledding,  who is

  • an award winning performing artist from an internationally acclaimed Circus school (l’ecole national de cirque de Montreal),
  • a top rated teacher trainer, and
  • above all,  a fun guy to work with.

Watch shows that are designed to teach, motivate, and entertain 

which results in a complete package.  


Interested in working with us?  Let us know below! 




Canadian Matt Ledding is the most serious clown you will ever meet.



He is an English teacher with classroom, corporate, and conference experience.



He studied English literature and theater at the University of  Saskatchewan (Canada) before graduating from the Ecole Nationale de Cirque de Montréal, considered by many the best circus school in the world.





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